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Same Day Delivery available if you order by 2pm MST (Arizona time)


Do you offer Same Day Delivery?

Yes! If you place your order before 2pm, we are typically able to deliver Same Day for you! Woo Hoo!

Is there a charge for delivery?

Yes. Unfortunately, we can’t get our drivers to work for free no matter how much we beg. LOL It’s understandable though…everyone needs to make a living wage! Especially our very dedicated, hard working and absolutely wonderful Drivers! We LOVE them and you will too!! Some Florists mark up their flowers instead of charging a delivery fee. However, we don’t feel that is fair to our numerous & lovely Walk-In Customers. Delivery is a service that shouldn’t have to be paid for with a rise in prices of the flowers if you don’t need delivery. Don’t you agree? Delivery fees are determined by the zip code you need us to deliver to. The Phx Metro Area is flat & spread out! There is a joke here that everything in AZ is at least 20 minutes away LOL. With that being the case a lot of the time, a round-trip delivery to and from our shop can take 40+ minutes in drive time alone. The delivery fee covers our driver’s wages for his/her time, delivery vehicle costs, gas and commercial insurance (Outrageously EXPENSIVE! Yeesh!). We do our very best to be as fair as possible with our delivery fees. However, in order to stay in business, please understand that it can’t cost us out of our own pockets to make your delivery.

What cities do you deliver to?

We deliver to the Tempe, Chandler, Sun Lakes, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix, West Mesa & West Gilbert areas in Arizona. If you wish to have an order delivered out of state we can wire your order to a local shop in that town. Due to time differences in other areas of the country, most wire out orders will need to be placed at least a day ahead of your desired delivery date.

What time of day will my order be delivered?

Our driver is scheduled from 10:00am-2:30pm Monday – Friday and 11am-2pm on Saturdays. This gives us time to hand design each order when it comes in (for some reason, most people are Last-Minute-Lucy’s when ordering flowers and want it delivered like RIGHT NOW please! LOL). This time frame also allows our driver to avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible. (But really, is that even possible anymore? Ha Ha!) If you know your recipient will be at work during the day, it is best to send the flowers to their work. But don’t worry, we always deliver flowers to a work place in a delivery box so that they are able to transport them easily home by strapping them into the seat belt in their passenger seat! Nice! 4-5 months out of the year here, it is too hot to leave the flowers on their porch if they are not home when we arrive. Nobody appreciates coming home to dead flowers so we WON’T leave them if it is too hot out! We will leave a delivery notice on the side of their garage door (most people pull into or in front of their garage when arriving home so that’s the best place to put it so they will for sure see it). We then will bring the flowers back to the shop and put them in our cooler so they stay nice and fresh. At that point, they can come pick them up or you can pay a 2nd delivery fee for another delivery (Why a 2nd delivery fee? Simply put, I have to pay my driver to deliver twice as well). But again, if you know that they will be at work, obtain their work address and send them there! We do offer a VIP delivery option that guarantees your delivery within 3 business hours AND an After-Hours delivery option as well. This fee allows us to pay our driver the extra hours needed to accommodate those time frames.

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