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Love And Blush Bouquet V-1419
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Love and Blush flower arrangement, a delicate and enchanting composition in soft shades of light pink. This arrangement showcases the gentle allure of pink larkspur, the breathtaking elegance of light pink stargazer lilies, and the graceful charm of light pink alstroemeria. Nestled among these exquisite blooms is the silver dollar eucalyptus, its silvery foliage adding a touch of sophistication and contrast to the arrangement. Together, these elements create a harmonious and ethereal bouquet that embodies the essence of grace and purity. Love and Blush is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the subtlety of light pink blooms and the soothing presence of eucalyptus. Whether adorning a romantic dinner table, gracing a bridal shower, or simply serving as a symbol of tenderness and admiration, this arrangement is a timeless and elegant expression of affection and beauty.

*Shade of Larkspur and Alstroemeria may vary depending on availability.*
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Love And Blush Bouquet V-1419


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