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Magic Times Half Dozen Roses R-212

Magic Times Half Dozen Roses R-212

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A Fiesta Flowers Mother's Day Exclusive!

Our Magic Times Half Dozen Roses Roses features 6 gorgeous, Magic Times Roses in a classic glass vase. These stunning roses are complemented with accent flower (ACCENT FLOWER MAY VARY) and lush ferns. Magic Times Roses are a unique rose variety that exudes an enchanting beauty that captivates the senses. The petals are unique & bold in their coloration, making them a standout feature!

The overall effect of this flower arrangement is one of sophistication and enchantment, as the Magic Times Roses provide a magical touch that adds to the ambiance of any room. A flower arrangement with Magic Times Roses is perfect for a special occasion or a gift to a loved one, as it is sure to bring joy and awe to anyone who beholds it.

We have limited availability for this Mother's Day holiday, get them while you can!


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