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LovePop Lupine Hummingbird Pop Up Card
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Product Description

On a pastel pink background, a vibrant turquoise and tangerine hummingbird buzzes above a bush of lupine flowers. On the bush is a collection of petals in rich shades of magenta and violet, each with an ombre effect. Upon opening the card, you're greeted by a luscious 3D garden of berry-colored lupine bushes. The hummingbird buzzes about, looking for nectar. Behind this scene is a horizon of majestic mountains and a forest of greenery.
The Lupine Hummingbird card is a picturesque treat for the nature lover in your life. You could use it as a Mother's Day card, a birthday card, or a 'just because' greeting card to celebrate someone who makes you buzz with joy. Hummingbirds are known to represent energy and perseverance, so you could also use this hummingbird card to offer an extra boost of strength to a loved one going through a tough time.
The Lupine Hummingbird pop-up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

LovePop Lupine Hummingbird Pop Up Card

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