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DNA Organic, Locally Made Chocolates

The most delicious Gourmet, Organic Sea Salt Caramels you’ve ever tasted! You can’t compare the price of “machined” food to handcrafted. DNA Chocolates are made from Fair Trade Cacao Beans from Haiti, Chiapas & Belize. It takes time to slowly stone grind each batch to preserve flavor & nutrition – this is how chocolate was meant to be! To be able to keep the integrity of such an amazing ingredient (cacao), it takes time, LOTS and LOTS of time. DNA chocolate contains 2 basic certified organic ingredients: cacao & cane sugar (or coconut sugar). The handcrafted chocolate processes from bean to bar in 1-3 weeks per batch. DNA uses original Mayan methods combined with the convenience of modern custom-crafted equipment. A difference you can taste! The cost of supporting chocolate crafted by hand, includes knowing where it comes from and that it supports the farmers that grow it as well as your local community that produces it. That it is made fresh, with no over-processing, artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives. And that it is supporting a different way of life and of doing business. A true “from farm to table” experience. *Just the Cacao Bean & Cane Sugar – NO other additives! *Handcrafted locally here in Arizona! *Stone Ground straight from the Cacao Bean to preserve nutrients including Magnesium & Antioxidants! *Organic, Fair Trade, Conflict-Free Chocolate! *Original Cacao Bean – less than 5% of Cacao in the WORLD!

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