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Top 10 Color Schemes to Use for your Autumn Wedding
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 25 2019 12:00AM | Blog

Tying the knot on a beautiful Southwest Autumn day is one of the dreamiest weddings one can have. From the changing of the leaves to the colorful fruits, it is like the colors of your surroundings blend in to give you the perfect background.

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9 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 21 2019 12:00AM | Blog

Household chores feel lighter during spring. Perhaps it’s due to the great weather, the sight of new growth and blossoms, or both. With the following 9 ways to prepare your home for spring, you can enjoy spending more time indoors sprucing up your home or bonding with your loved ones.

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How to Choose The Scent On Your Wedding Day
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 20 2019 12:00AM | Blog

Planning for your perfect wedding is fun and exciting. You get to choose your dress, venue, flowers, and cake. It is not a walk in the park but since it will become one of the most important days of your life, you will want to make sure it is perfect.

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How To Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 18 2019 12:00AM | Blog

Flower bouquets are the perfect complement for brightening up and adding drama to any space, as well as uplifting one’s mood. However, your blooms can wilt in a matter of days if not properly cared for. To extend their life, here are some tips from Fiesta Flowers Plants & Gifts. (And don’t worry, they’re not costly and are actually quite easy to do!

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How to Pick a Color Scheme while Decorating with Flowers
by Shannon Slattery | Jan 7 2019 12:00AM | Blog

Whether you’re decorating flowers for an event or for your home, you’ll need to pick the right color scheme. Fiesta Flowers can help you pick the right color scheme for any occasion.

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What Makes Us Different – CO2 Filters
by Shannon Slattery | Aug 14 2018 12:00AM | Blog

We want each customer to receive flowers at their best, no matter the occasion. We are committed to this goal. To achieve that goal, we go to great lengths to keep the freshness and beauty of our flowers longer.

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