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Flowers in Season: April Flowers
by Keam prodev | Apr 13 2022 12:00AM | Flower Shop

April is here, and the flowers are out in full swing. It’s time to get out and enjoy the spring season, and learning which flowers are in bloom might be helpful whether you’re planning a wedding, planning to surprise someone, or simply admiring the flowers during this beautiful time. This article will discuss the little-known facts of the Flowers in Season, the April flowers.

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Voted The #2 Florist in “Ranking Arizona-The Best of AZ Business Magazine”
by Keam prodev | Apr 7 2022 12:00AM | Flower Shop

When you need flowers, you need the best. And that's us - We're ranked #2 out of the top ten florists in Ranking Arizona - The Best of Arizona Business. Woo Hoo!!

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Top Gifts for the Flower Lover
by Shannon Slattery | Jan 18 2021 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Flowers have long been one of the best ways to send affection to someone special. Whether you usually gift a cut bouquet or a live plant for your special person to enjoy, we’d like to offer the following list to help you decide if you’re thinking of giving something a little different this year to the flower lover or gardener in your life.

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Guide to Healing Flowers
by Shannon Slattery | Nov 13 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Many flowers are more than just sweet-smelling and pretty. They do more than just lift the spirits. There are flowers that have healing properties. They can be used to heal and restore good health.

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Add Elegance to Your Living Room or Kitchen With Unique Fall Table Centerpieces
by Shannon Slattery | Sep 22 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Fall Living Room and Table Centerpieces

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Flowers For All Occasions – Anytime Is A Good Time
by Shannon Slattery | Sep 12 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

The language of flowers, also called Floriography, goes back in history hundreds of years as a method for people to communicate. Ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese, and Egyptians all have their myths, legends, and stories that refer to the use of flowers. For example, the ancient Greeks had a very high consideration for flowers and often associated them with the Gods.

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Birth Flowers of July
by Shannon Slattery | Jul 17 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

July brings with its entrance a patriotic spirit as 4th of July preparations highlight the start of the month across the country. Festivities decorated in popping blue, red, yellow, and white are capped with fun, food, and fireworks as America pays tribute to the forefathers who paved the way to her independence.

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Reasons To Send Flowers In July
by Shannon Slattery | Jul 9 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

The year is halfway over, and July is here. Independence Day, International Kissing Day and other holidays are nearly upon us. There is no better way to celebrate these special days than by sending beautiful flowers to your loved ones.

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May’s Birth-flower is the Lily of the Valley
by Shannon Slattery | May 29 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

May is such a magical month. It is a month of true rebirth.  The earth turns green and plants begin to blossom and bloom. May’s birth flower is very fitting. It is the beautiful and fragrant Lily of the Valley.

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What is the April Birth Flower?
by Shannon Slattery | Apr 26 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Send a smile with our cheerful yellow & white Smiley featuring yellow and white Daisies, yellow Saladago, and white Monte Aster.

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Daffodils in March: Signs of Life after Winter
by Shannon Slattery | Mar 21 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

It is that time of the year again—trees and shrubs are growing, birds are chirping, animals are coming out of their winter-long hibernation, and an array of flowers are starting to line walkways and gardens. The month of March marks a new, vibrant beginning and nothing speaks louder of the coming of the season of spring than Daffodils.

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Rose Secrets for Longer Lasting Roses
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 22 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Follow These Steps and Ideas to Prolong The Life Of Your Roses Regardless of how gorgeous your Rose bouquet looks when you receive it, if you don't properly take care of them, they'll most likely wilt after only a few days in your vase.

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Do You Want to Preserve Your Flowers or Bouquet?
by Shannon Slattery | Feb 9 2018 12:00AM | Flower Shop

Are You Looking for Ways to Preserve Your Valentines Flowers or Wedding Bouquet? A flower is not just simply a flower. It has the memories of our loved ones or represents unforgettable events in our lives.

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