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Connecting to Family and Dear Ones with Flowers
by Shannon Slattery | May 21 2021 12:00AM | Thinking Of You

The sight of a fresh floral arrangement is one that brings joy to pretty much everyone. From gazing lovingly at the beautiful bouquets in storefront windows to remembering a family garden with bunches of homegrown blooms, the gift of flowers is a universal memory that most people can relate to. The most joyous occasions such as weddings, the birth of a child, and birthdays are all appropriately celebrated with a bouquet, and condolences can be given without a single word to those in the times when it is needed the most. Flowers have a special way of connecting people on the most basic level.

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Flowers for Thanksgiving Day
by Shannon Slattery | Oct 24 2018 12:00AM | Thinking Of You

You can have a more meaningful and festive Thanksgiving Day by adding the right flowers to your celebration.

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