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Choosing Fitting Flowers For Winter Wedding Dresses
by Shannon Slattery | Aug 31 2020 12:00AM | Wedding

Weddings are special. Often, couples are planning their weddings for over a year. Every woman has a vision for and wants to realize their dream wedding. They carefully plan for the wedding dress, the entourage, the designs, theme, colors and style. Though many weddings happen in the Summer, there are couples that opt to get married during the Winter months and may bring into question one of the things that make a bride’s wedding day particularly special: the flowers, especially the wedding bouquet. The flowers and bouquets will be remembered and appreciated for years to come via the wedding photos.

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Tips for Maximizing Your Floral Budget
by Shannon Slattery | Aug 25 2020 12:00AM | Anniversary

What do you know about flowers besides what you might have seen on Pinterest? It is easy to look at gorgeous images on Pinterest and identify wedding bouquets that you would love. However, that might disappoint you when you realize you do not recognize the flowers on the bouquet or they are not available in your area.

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Summer Heat: How to Retreat With Houseplants
by Shannon Slattery | Aug 17 2020 12:00AM | Plants

The warmer months of the year creep in with showers of rain, and along with them come splashes of color outside. The flowers that then spring to life are a delight to look at. They bring to mind peaceful evenings on the porch, admiring them for their simple beauty. Beautiful memories are made with the family enjoying the garden or tending to it in solitude.

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