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The Importance Of Ordering Prom Flowers, Corsages & Boutonnieres In Advance
by Shannon Slattery | Apr 23 2018 12:00AM | Prom

Contrary to popular belief, ordering prom flowers and corsages is not as simple a task as one would imagine. It is not something you should do on the day of the event, nor is it something that should be done the day before. In fact, any person that does not consider ordering corsages at least one week in advance may find themselves facing several challenges, such as higher costs, less variety or the florist simply being fully booked and no longer able to take orders due to the high demand.

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A Corsage for Your Prom Date
by Shannon Slattery | Apr 18 2018 12:00AM | Prom

If you have found the perfect dress to wear to your prom, there is nothing better than a matching corsage to complete your ensemble. Whether elegant and simple or funky and fun, a prom corsage makes you look smart, stylish, and put-together. A corsage used to adorn your collar or wrist is likely to be just the right touch to make you look incredible on prom night.

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