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The Power of Giving Flowers: How It Shapes Perceptions for Givers and Receivers

Generosity, the act of giving freely without expecting something in return, is a fundamental and cherished aspect of human nature. In every culture and society, we celebrate occasions that offer us the opportunity to give, whether it's birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, or simply to express our appreciation for someone. But have you ever given it a thought that the gifts we select can reveal a lot about our personalities and how others perceive us? In this blog, we will explore the powerful connection between being a flower giver and the perception of success and caring.

  • Power of Giving Flowers

A Reflection of Our Nature

Gift-giving is a centuries-old tradition, and it often involves careful consideration of several factors, including the recipient's interests, the occasion, and the emotional impact the gift will have. Whether we're selecting a present for a friend, family member, or colleague, the choices we make are a reflection of our thoughts, emotions, and the image we wish to project.

Our choice of gift can express empathy, appreciation, love, congratulations, or gratitude. It's not just a material object; it's a tangible representation of our feelings and intentions. The selection process involves a deeper understanding of the recipient, their preferences, and the message we wish to convey.

Rutgers University's insights into flower givers

The director of Rutgers University's Human Emotions Lab, Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., conducted a fascinating study on the psychology of gift-giving that focused on the effects of various gift types, particularly flowers. This research revealed some compelling findings that have intrigued psychologists, gift-givers, and recipients alike.

According to Dr. Haviland-Jones's research:

• Flower Givers are Perceived as Successful: Individuals who choose to give flowers are often seen as successful, happy, achieving, strong, capable, and courageous. The act of gifting flowers carries an aura of positivity and accomplishment.

 Emotional Intelligence: Both men and women who give flowers are perceived as more emotionally intelligent. They come across as people who can effectively express their feelings and are empathetic, taking the time to understand the emotions of others.

 Appreciation of Beauty and Nature: Female flower givers are often associated with an appreciation for beauty and nature, further enhancing the perception of their personalities.

    These findings underscore the power of flowers as a medium for conveying positive emotions and personal attributes. Flowers have the remarkable ability to bring joy, happiness, and satisfaction, both to the giver and the receiver.

    Insights into Flower Receivers

    The act of receiving flowers is as significant as giving them, and understanding how flower recipients perceive and feel about floral gifts provides a more comprehensive view of the impact of such gestures.

    • Happiness and Appreciation: When someone receives a bouquet of flowers, it often sparks immediate happiness and a sense of appreciation. Flowers have the remarkable ability to uplift moods and bring joy. The vivid colors, delicate petals, and sweet fragrance create a sensory experience that can brighten someone's day.

    • Feeling Special: Receiving flowers can make the recipient feel special and loved. It's a tangible expression of someone's care and affection. This feeling of being remembered and cherished can have a lasting impact on the recipient's emotional well-being.

    • Connection and Thoughtfulness: Flower gifts convey thoughtfulness and a desire to connect on a deeper level. Recipients often perceive the gesture as a genuine and heartfelt expression of emotion. It fosters a sense of connection between the giver and the receiver.

    • Positive Associations: Flowers are associated with positive emotions and events. When someone receives flowers, they may associate the gift with happy moments, celebrations, and special occasions. This positive association can create a lasting memory.

    • Symbolism and Meaning: Different flowers carry various meanings and symbolism. Recipients who understand the language of flowers may decode a hidden message within the bouquet. For example, red roses symbolize love, while yellow roses represent friendship.

      The Connection Between the Flower Giver and the Flower Receiver

      M.J. Ryan, renowned author of the Random Acts of Kindness book series and The Giving Heart, has been an advocate for the power of gratitude and generosity. In her work, she emphasizes the profound connections that gifts, especially flowers, can create between the giver and the recipient.

      According to Ryan, the act of gifting, particularly with flowers, has the extraordinary ability to build bridges between people, whether in personal relationships or professional settings. It's a silent language that conveys appreciation, love, and respect, creating connections that endure and memories that linger.

      A Symbol of Success and Caring

      Success is not synonymous with wealth. The inspiration you provide and the hearts you touch are indicators of true success. M.J. Ryan, in her wisdom, believes that flowers are the perfect conduit for evoking such profoundly positive emotions and perceptions in both the giver and the recipient.

      Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Various Occasions

      Flowers are versatile and can be given on a wide range of occasions to express various sentiments. Here's a guide to help you choose the right flowers for different events and emotions:

      Birthday: Bright and cheerful flowers like daisies, sunflowers, or a mixed bouquet can bring joy to a birthday celebration.

         • Yellow Spectacular V-1418

        Gaze upon the Yellow Spectacular, an exquisite floral composition that exudes warmth and exuberance, making it the perfect choice for a birthday celebration. This arrangement is a vibrant masterpiece, skillfully combining a harmonious blend of radiant yellow lilies, velvety roses, delicate alstroemeria, and the golden splendor of solidago.

        Anniversary: Red roses are a classic choice to symbolize love and passion, while lilies or orchids can convey elegance and sophistication.

           • Fiesta Classic 2 Dozen Long Stem Red Roses R-1766

          Mark this special anniversary with an exquisite gift that reflects the timelessness of your connection. The two dozen red roses are more than just flowers; they are a symbol of your enduring love and a perfect choice for your romantic celebration.

          Graduation: Celebrate achievements with bold and vibrant flowers like sunflowers or mixed bouquets that represent a bright future.

             • Harmony in Sunflower Blooms V-1427

            Set the stage for a memorable graduation with our exquisite harmony in sunflower blooms. This stunning arrangement boasts a captivating fusion of vibrant sunflowers, delicate pink snapdragons, rich purple larkspur, golden solidago, and the elegant charm of silver dollar eucalyptus.

            Get Well Soon: Send bright and vibrant flowers like daisies, sunflowers, or gerbera daisies to uplift the spirits of someone feeling unwell.

               • 12, 18, or 24 White Roses R-216

              In moments when words may not suffice, let our thoughtfully crafted floral arrangement provide solace and support to those on the path to recovery. This bouquet, available in options of 12, 18, or 24 pristine white roses, artfully paired with delicate sprigs of baby's breath and presented in a clear glass vase, is a beacon of hope and tenderness.

              New Baby: Welcome a new arrival with pastel-colored flowers like pink or blue roses, daisies, or baby's breath.

                 • Light of My Life V-1407

                Make the arrival of the little one even more special with this beautiful bouquet that serves as a visual celebration of life and love. Whether adorning a nursery, brightening up the hospital room, or gracing the home of the new parents, this arrangement is sure to spread happiness and warmth in honor of the precious new addition.

                The Power of Giving Flowers

                The power of giving flowers is not just a sentimental notion; it's a scientifically studied and proven phenomenon. The act of choosing and presenting flowers is a remarkable way to convey a multitude of emotions, to create lasting connections, and to influence how others perceive us.

                So, the next time you ponder the perfect gesture to express your feelings, consider the language of flowers. It's not just a bouquet; it's a beautiful and meaningful message that resonates with the heart, leaving an enduring impression.

                If you're seeking beautiful and thoughtfully crafted flower arrangements, make sure to visit Fiesta Flowers, Plants, & Gifts today. We offer a wide selection of stunning floral creations that are perfect for any occasion.


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