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Why Roses are perfect for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day nears, finding the right gift for Mom can be tough. There are so many choices out there, it's hard to know what to pick. But we're here to tell you why roses are perfect for Mother's Day. They're classic, beautiful, and show how much you care. So this coming May 12, 2024, give your mom the perfect gift: a bouquet of roses.

  • Why Roses are perfect for Mother's Day
  • Roses for Mother's Day
  • flowers for Mother's Day

The Most Popular Mother's Day Flower

Roses take the crown as the favorite flower for Mother's Day, and their history is as colorful as their petals. When asked which flowers moms most desired for Mother's Day, a staggering 62.5% selected roses, making them the top choice. Following closely behind are tulips and lilies, also popular choices. Another interesting fact from is that roses account for over 35% of all cut flowers sold in the United States each year. It's clear that roses hold a special place in our hearts, especially when it comes to celebrations, and this just proves why roses are perfect for Mother's Day!

Roses Symbolize Love And Appreciation.

Roses are more than just beautiful flowers; they symbolize deep emotions like love and appreciation. These are the very sentiments we want to convey on Mother's Day, and roses do it perfectly. Their elegant petals and sweet fragrance speak volumes, expressing the love and gratitude we feel for our moms in a way that words sometimes can't.

Wide Range Of Colors And Varieties

Choosing roses for Mother's Day offers a multitude of reasons to make the day truly special for your mom, and the wide range of colors and varieties is one of the most compelling factors. With over 300 species and thousands of varieties available, you have the freedom to select the perfect option that suits your mom's preferences and personality.

Types of Roses

1. White Playa Blanca

2. Red Freedom

3. Hot Pink Lola

4. Light Pink Mondial

5. Orange Crush

6. Yellow High & Exotic

7. Lavender Ocean Song

    Most Popular Colors of Roses

    1. Red Roses

    2. Pink Roses

    3. White Roses

    4. Yellow Roses

    5. Orange Roses

    6. Lavender Roses

    7. Bi-Color Roses

      Beautiful And Timeless

      Roses are indeed beautiful and timeless flowers that serve as more than just a decoration. Their beauty transcends generations, making them a classic choice for expressing love and appreciation on any occasion, including Mother's Day. Just looking at a bouquet of roses, one can feel the love and warmth that the giver intends to convey.

      Rose Arrangements for Mother’s Day

      By now, we hope you're convinced that roses are perfect for Mother's Day. To make your mom's day extra special, here's a curated list of arrangements to consider in Tempe, Arizona.

      • Lavender Rose & White Daisy Bouquet VM-1720

        Lavender roses are not just beautiful; they're also wonderfully unique. Surprise your mom this Mother's Day with a half dozen exotic lavender roses, paired with the simplicity of daisies and purple limonium.

        • 12 Classic Long Stem Roses w/ Baby’s Breath VM-1778

          If you're leaning towards the timeless elegance of red roses, our Classic 12 Roses arrangement with Baby’s Breath and lush greens, beautifully presented in a clear glass vase, is sure to capture their hearts. This stunning design measures approximately 24 inches high by 20 inches wide, making it a truly unforgettable gift.

          • 12 Orange Flame Roses R-218

            For a delightful twist, why not consider orange roses for Mother's Day? They're vibrant, bold, and absolutely stunning. Our "12 Orange Flame Roses VM-218A" bouquet features 12 orange roses, delicately complemented by sprigs of baby's breath, arranged in a clear glass vase, creating a truly striking and timeless floral arrangement.

            • Magic Times Dozen (12) Roses VM-210

              For an even more unique and enchanting gift for Mother's Day, why not consider our Magic Times Dozen Roses? This arrangement features stunning, bi-color Magic Times roses, elegantly presented in a classic glass vase. What sets these roses apart is their petals, which show a combination of pink and white hues, creating a truly mesmerizing and standout feature.

              • Lovely in Pink VM-1173

                If you're in search of a pinker option for Mother's Day, our Lovely in Pink VM-1173 bouquet is the perfect choice. This delightful arrangement features six pink roses, hot pink mini-carnations, and a delicate pink wax flower. A charming pink bow adds the finishing touch to this lovely ensemble.

                Order A Rose Arrangement for Mother’s Day Today

                We trust this blog has provided valuable insights into why roses are perfect for Mother's Day. As the special day approaches, seize the opportunity to express your love with a beautiful rose arrangement. Whether you're planning ahead or in need of a last-minute gift idea, now is the ideal time to order. 

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