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Top DIY Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

Is it time for a big wedding?

Is it time for a big wedding?

One of the most underrated parts of a wedding venue is its centerpieces. Yes, these little details may not look like a big deal, but they matter in underlining the wedding’s theme. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to maximize the centerpiece and ensure everything is in place.

For those hoping to go with a budget-friendly solution, it’s time to look at the best DIY centerpieces to consider.

1) Flower and Sand:

This is a beautiful and authentic centerpiece that’s going to scream quality.

In essence, the centerpiece focuses on using a beautiful flower (matching with the overall wedding theme) resting on top of sand. This is going to be placed within a small vase, which often goes well with a beach wedding. 

2) Tall Pillar Candles:

Candles are always a refined option and can become a great centerpiece for weddings.

The idea is to use tall pillar candles surrounded by beautiful blooms to build a well-rounded design that is cost-effective. 

3) Baskets of Roses:

There is nothing more charming and mesmerizing than a basket full of Roses. With a centered style, you are able to make a high-grade DIY wedding element with nothing more than beautifully selected Roses and a small basket.

Place the basket as the centerpiece and have those roses flowing out looking elegant! 

4) Candleholders:

In the modern age, there is a sense of elegance attached to candleholders, so you will want to use them for the big day. In this case, the candleholder isn’t going to hold a candle! It’s going to hold a small stem.

This will look in line with the theme and be unique at the same time. 

5) Tinted Glass and Flowers:

Grab a tinted glass bottle, clean it out, and make sure to put in a beautiful set of flowers. This is going to look immaculate and will be the talk of the day. Sometimes, it’s the little things that add up, which is why tinted glass is such a breathtaking option to have up your sleeve.

This is going to be a fascinating addition that will look great at all times, whether it’s in the middle of the afternoon or later in the evening. 

6) Rustic Vases:

This is going to be a different one as you will not be using glass-based materials.

Instead, you are going to be utilizing a rustic vase (your choice) and filling it with blooming flowers. The idea is to have something that is balanced between innovative and traditional. This does a little bit of both! 

7) Metal Cans with Lace:

Grab a metal can and tie a theme-based lace around the middle. Do this properly and make sure all metal cans look the same in size.

These metal cans are going to hold blooms, which will help the overall aesthetic.

These are the best DIY wedding centerpieces on a budget, and they will offer tremendous versatility, quality, and efficiency for those who want a high-grade option.


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